There are four nights (or four days, if that’s how you roll) left of Negroni Week and if there’s ever been a better reason to raise a glass, we’d like to hear it.

Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, is asking bars, clubs and restaurants worldwide to mark Negroni Week by donating a dollar amount of their choice to their charity of choice. Supporters (read: drinkers) are being asked to order the classic, Campari-based Negroni cocktail at participating spots to swell the message and boost the numbers.

Last year, Negroni Week raised $400,000 for a select group of grassroots charities as well as introducing new friends to the classy, bitter drop.

At Britomart, the following bars and restaurants are taking part so you have till last call on Sunday to do your bit.

Caretaker: #negroniweek supports Refugee Canteen.

Oaken: #negroniweek supports Autism New Zealand.

Britomart Country Club: #negroniweek supports New Zealand Red Cross.

Orleans: #negroniweek supports New Zealand Red Cross.

Fukuko: #negroniweek supports Kidscan.