Most summer lunchtimes at Takutai Square you’ll find readers, coffee-drinkers, burger-munchers, snoozers and sunseekers making the most of Britomart’s much-loved bean bags. We took to the grass to find out where everybody comes from.


Kobe and Jiaxu come to Britomart at least once a week to eat and, more importantly, SHOP.


Nicola and Andrew are from Perth and were at Britomart on this day having walked off the train and spied the bean bags. Happy holidays!


Yang Min, Lin Lin and their daughter had toured the South Island and were at the end of their journey, ready to fly home to China that night.


Anouk and Wouter are Dutch: Anouk works at EY and Wouter in Parnell.


Ben and Corey work in downtown Auckland in accounting and investment and were catching some sun in their lunch hour.


Brenna is 8 and was visiting Auckland from Rangiora, with her camera-shy family. They were enjoying their ‘big city holiday’!