When it comes to modern Vietnamese, Britomart’s Cafe Hanoi are the kings; so when they introduce a new menu, our ears prick up (and our mouths water).

For summer menu, there are 10 light and bright new dishes, including rice paper rolls with crispy fish that’s sourced daily – sustainable only, of course. The famous soft-shell crab is lightly battered and can now be wrapped in lettuce leaves, then dunked in nuoc cham (the classic Vietnamese dressing that includes fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar and chilli). Also up for grabs are grilled minced beef and lemongrass in perilla leaves, scallops with shallot oil, chilli, peanuts and Thai basil, and house-dried spicy beef salad.

The menu features two new desserts: a yoghurt and white chocolate panna cotta with boysenberry compote, and a dark chocolate tart with raspberries and malted milk ice cream.

A fresh, interesting line up at a spot that never disappoints: what a way to start the summer at Cafe Hanoi.


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