WORLD welcomes Santa Maria Novella to its wunderkammer – a range bound to enthral history buffs and fragrance aficionados alike.

For the first time on our shores, the entire Santa Maria Novella range is now available at WORLD. Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica diSanta Maria Novella pays homage to old-world traditions; each pot, jar and bottle seeped in history. Founded in 1221 just outside the city gates of Florence by Dominican friars, the pharmacy began by producing herbal balms and elixirs as remedies for monks. 400 years later in 1612, the pharmacy opened its doors to the public and has been making coveted skincare and fragrances ever since.

From the oriental Citta di Kyoto to the floral Angels of Florence, WORLD Britomart stocks a selection of 12 Santa Maria Novella fragrances priced at $249 each. Gracing the top of our wish lists is the signature scent, Santa Maria Novella. Originally created for Catherine de Medici who was set to marry the future King of France, this fragrance holds the title of the world’s first Eau de Cologne. Citrusy and fresh, this spritz of royalty on our wrists is sure to become our go-to summer fragrance. If you’re into something more spicy and deep, there’s Muschio Oro, a scent that was originally designed for emperors to wear. For a scent with a story behind it, it doesn’t get much better than this.

You know that something is good when the formula doesn’t change for 800 odd years. Made with nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, rosewater and kaolin clay,Santa Maria Novella proves that if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Elegantly contained in white packaging with Renaissance motifs, we can’t wait to place these lotions and potions centre stage on our vanity tables.

For aromatic treasures from the world’s oldest apothecary, pop in to WORLD Britomart to discover the scents and stories for yourself.


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