Darryn George’s latest exhibition, Exodus, sees a departure from his recent body of geometric works. Using The Book of Exodus chapter 14 and 15 as a source of inspiration, the abstracted aerial views depicted in The Crossing #2 represents the Israelis soaring through the water while Song of Miriam #2 portrays the wall of water in which they walked through.

George’s iconic geometric text is overlaid on top of each works. This bold, contrasting text reads as Maori translations of the biblical text and provides vertical movement in line with the thematic ideals behind the works.

As an artist based in Christchurch, these works can also be seen as a metaphor for the current situation in Christchurch, as they deal with the devastating aftermath of the earthquakes. Just as Israel moves though the parted Red Sea, Cantabrians also strive forward, away from hardship and toward a brighter future.

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