Tomorrow is Doughnut Day so for those of you participating in Junk Free June, look away now. From maple bacon and lemon yoghurt to vanilla custard, these doughnuts from around Britomart will make your day sweeter with each and every bite.

The first Friday of June marks Doughnut Day, and to celebrate we’ve found some of Britomart’s finest. Sugar-coated, chocolate-filled and frosted – take your pick from these beauties.

Miann Britomart vanilla custard doughnut, $5
Speckled with vanilla seeds, this has a top notch custard filling.

The Store almond butter and raspberry jelly doughnut, $3.50
It’s PB&J with a clever twist.

The Store chocolate hazelnut doughnut, $3.50
Where a Ferrero Rocher and a doughnut become one.

Shaky Isles maple bacon doughnut, $5
Sweet meets savoury in this smoky-flavoured morsel.

The Store lemon yoghurt doughnut, $3.50
Doughnut or work of art? You decide.

The Store sugar cinnamon doughnut, $3
Sugar, spice and all things nice.

The Store caramel popcorn doughnut, $3.50
Quirky and crunchy – be sure to ‘pop’ in for one of these.

Espresso Workshop raspberry doughnut, $5
Tangy and tart, team it up with a creamy flat white for the ultimate combo.

The Store apple crumble doughnut, $3.50
The apple custard centre is almost too good to be true.


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