Summer has finally arrived and Mexico has a brand new menu to help you enjoy the warmer days and longer nights.

This new menu is focused around citrus and earthly flavours. You will taste lots of lime, lemon, orange mixed with fresh herbs, spices and earthy tones from pumpkin, kumara, mushrooms, corn and kale.

There are a few fan favourites making their way back to the menu like Mushroom Chimichangas, Three Cheese Quesadillas and the Tostada Cheviche which Vegetarians and Pescatarians all over will be extremely pleased with. New dishes include the A la Plancha Salad, Pumpkin & Kumara Dip, Barbacoa Chicken Quesadilla, Tumeric Yeast Battered Fish Taco, the Achiote Plancha Pork Belly Taco plus Executive Chef Peter Jackson’s new twist on how Mexico serves Churros.

See some of our favourites from the new menu below (or view the carte here):

Tostada, ceviche w fresh coconut, red onion, chili, cucumber, pawpaw tiger’s milk, $16


Cumin roasted pumpkin & kumara dip, chili oil, queso, cricket tortilla, $8


El Arabe, cumin-spiced lamb, carrot slaw, cucumber, mint, pistachio, eggplant, labna $18


Cinnamon spiced churros, with warm xocolate ganache, salted caramel praline, $12

A la Plancha, nutmeg & agave pumpkin, queso, blackened corn, candied seeds, kale, $14