We match M.A.C Cosmetic’s new holiday collection, Nutcracker Sweet, with sweet treats found around Britomart.

Leap into a magical land that’s a bit nutty and a little naughty with Nutcracker Sweet. M.A.C Cosmetics’ holiday collection is now available at the flagship at Britomart.

With candy hues and show-stopping brights – any one of the five Nutcracker Sweet Lipsticks are sure to make a statement. We’ve matched ‘Kingdom of Sweets’, a milky pale pink and ‘So Good For You’, an intense cool red with strawberry mint, hokey pokey and raspberry macarons from Milse ($2.50).

Treat your cheeks to the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact. First, swipe the bronzy blush across the apples of your checks and then let it glow with the Extra Dimension Skinfinish, a gorgeous golden highlight. The compact is matched with Amano’s Jaffa Tart ($6.50).

Wrap your eyes in a candy-coated fantasy of sugared plum, rich caramel, spiced dark cocoa, sweet taffy pink, ripe peach and smoky black licorice. The Nutcracker Sweet Smoky Eye Comapct ($96) is matched with a chocolate gift box from Miann Britomart ($25.50).


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