05 MARCH 2015

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Drenched in bright colour and spiked with bold imagery, this joint has a fast-paced atmosphere reminiscent of the streets of its namesake nation.

Moodily lit with dripping candles, whimsically decorated with offbeat Mexicana, Mexico instantly transports you to another, cooler place. You can drink in the eclectic front bar or settle into the cosy dining area to explore the short but compelling menu.

Mexico celebrates the vibrant, fresh and lighter side of Mexican cuisine. The flavours are big, spicy and complex: grilled corn on the cob with lime-chilli butter; street-style salad and ceviche; soft tacos filled with pulled pork, grilled fish or skirt steak.

Plates are topped with house-made salsas and slaws and peppery mayonnaise spiced with jalapeño and chipotle.

Cocktails and tequila

The drinks keep the vibe loud and lively, with jugs of sangria and margaritas, including variations such as watermelon and tamarind, and Mexican twists on classic cocktails. There’s a good selection of top-shelf tequila and mezcal and a long list of Mexican beers.

Everything is served at prices that will leave you plenty of change to carry on your night or come back soon for more.

This place operates a strict walk-in policy, to accommodate everyone wanting to experience the food, fun and buzz that is Mexico. If they can't seat you straight away, you might enjoy a sneaky drink or two just around the corner, at Mexico's intimate new bar called IKTO.




Opening Hours

Monday-Sunday 12pm-late

what's on at Mexico?

The Local

What song does she know all the lyrics to? The answer may surprise you. This week meet Sarah Page, the Group Marketing Manager behind popular eateries Mexico and Orleans. 

Margarita Masterclass

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in true tequila swigging fashion, Mexico’s Margarita Masterclass is the classic case of having your cocktail and drinking it too.  


The only thing better than one margarita is two, so it looks like the team at Mexico were on to something when they added two new tasty flavours to the Frida’s Margaritas menu.  

Coming Soon

Celebrating the warm weather, Mexico Britomart is ramping up its summer menu with a heap of fresh new dishes, arriving next week. 

Photo Worthy

Available in 10 ‘famous flavours’, served over ice in salt-rimmed glasses, Frida’s Margaritas are so good that they warrant their own Instagram account.  

How to Make the Perfect Margarita

Limes, liquor, a touch of sweet and salt, that's all you need to rustle up a decent margarita. So simple, yet so easy to get wrong, we go to the experts for advice. 

Day of the Familia

Good food, family and carafes of sangria, Mexico Britomart’s new Sunday feasts are what the weekends should be about. Win one for you and your clan here.  

Muy Caliente

Pulling out another stunner, the team at Mexico Britomart has released their new spring menu and it’s hot. Literally.  

Escape to Mexico

Mexico’s new menu is ideal for warding off the autumn chill.