Richard Lewer in Project Space

If eternal sunshine and spotless minds are your thing – then look away now. Richard Lewer is in Britomart Project Space, exhibiting some of the notoriously difficult and challenging work that has cemented him as an artist with something to say.

Lewer is “known for his paintings and delicately beautiful drawings which evocatively rework some of life’s less pleasant elements – crime scenes, illness, horror movies and extreme events. The work is accessible, familiar, with a critical edge that probes what is beautiful and sinister about our society without injecting a moralizing tone or political message.” Lewer’s focus is “less concerned with telling the concrete facts of a case; instead his work explores the way that places can become repositories for the psychic residue of extreme events, painful activities or our deepest fears.”

Lewer is a Melbourne-based artist who also works with video, animation and performance and who last year won the $100,000 Basil Sellers Prize. Of his work, he has said “My influences are the people that I meet, whether it’s an exorcist priest, or a criminal or a fortune teller or an Aboriginal leader. It really is those interactions with those people that give me the desire to make the work.”


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