It’s that time of year again! All things spice and nice – find out where to get your hot cross bun fix here.

We love a good hot cross bun, toasted just right and slathered with butter of course. Luckily we don’t have to venture far to get these Easter-time treats. Which buns have you crossed off this list?

Made with stout, these boozy buns from Amano are a true crowd pleaser. Made fresh each morning, you’ll have to stop yourself from getting one every time you walk past as the scent is absolutely intoxicating – trust us!

Brian from Miann Britomart pumps out thousands of these buns each year and it’s easy to understand why – they’re simply delicious. You can also get a scoop of gelato in yours for a not-so-hot hot cross bun .

For a French twist on the old favourite pop into L’Assiette for a bun or two as you stay for a while to enjoy the Parisian ambiance.

Shaky Isles serves them extra hot with plenty of real New Zealand butter on the side – a perfect addition to your coffee.