Miann Britomart is opening its doors next week and this is your golden ticket for the ultimate Miann experience for two.

Chocoholics rejoice because sweet dreams are made of this. Tucked away in the historic Australis Nathan building lobby is soon to be Miann Britomart, a haven for those who love sugar, spice and all things nice.

Rumour has it that there will be a hot chocolate menu sure to sway even the most staunch coffee lovers. Also on offer is a selection of gateaux, macarons, pastries and, of course, chocolate. Lots of it.


To celebrate this sweet (in every sense of the word) arrival, we’re giving away the ultimate Miann Britomart dining experience for two. Begin with a hot chocolate and gateau of your choice. Next, sample a selection of bonbons and macarons. To finish, take home a special Miann gift pack. Don’t tell your dentists!

To enter the competition, visit the Britomart Facebook page. And to keep up with all the delicious updates, be sure to follow Miann Britomart on Instagram or Facebook.


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