She’s glass-half-full and passionate about making the perfect espresso – we meet Melori from Shaky Isles and ask her a few caffeinated questions.

Consider this an ode to those who breathe life into our mornings and possess the magic power to make everything better with a double shot of coffee. An army clad in aprons, the baristas of Britomart get the spotlight in this series of Words With Friends, where we meet the people behind the machines.

What’s the weirdest coffee-related request you¹ve ever had?
A large latte made with half milk and half water.

Finish this sentence: Every barista should be able to make…
…a perfect shot of espresso!

What’s the best part of your job?
Apart from making coffee, making people feel better.

What’s a good road trip song?
Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (I listened to it a lot on my last trip haha).

What¹s one thing on the menu here that we must try?
Pikelets with a long black to drink.

What/where was your first job?

Latte art: yay or nay?

Can you describe your life outside of work in three words?
Active, positive, cheerful.


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