WORLD’s latest collaboration with Levi’s is a special Pride initiative.

Levi’s have been longstanding, vocal supporters of LGBTQ equality, which makes them a natural fit for the similarly minded and brave New Zealand fashion house, WORLD. One of the ways Levi’s celebrate the LGBTQ community is through their annual PRIDE collection.

In store now exclusively at WORLD, 100% of proceeds from the collection are donated to support Levi’s’ LGBTQ partner organizations: the Harvey Milk Foundation and the Stonewall Community Foundation. 2018 marks the five-year anniversary of the Levi’s Pride Collection and more than three decades of supporting LGBTQ causes.

The specially customized, rainbow-themed denim pieces have a classic sixties feel and will be instant wardrobe staples, as well as symbols of a vital conversation and modern movement. One pair or tee for you, and one for the time capsule.