The 14 days for $14 deal is currently on offer at Les Mills Britomart – begin the journey to become the best version of you today.

Jodie, Britomart’s Digital Communications Co-Ordinator recently signed up for the 14 days for $14 deal at Les Mills and here’s her low down and what has changed since she’s started.

“10 days down, four to go. It’s been just over a week since I’ve started my trial at Les Mills Britomart and already I’m loving the progress I’ve made and the results I’ve seen in such a short space in time. I’ve been going four nights a week after work and also on the weekends mixing it up with my running – I’ve already noticed a difference in my overall fitness and stamina. Over the past 10 days I’ve attended a selection of classes:

GRIT® – A class I never thought I’d attend in a thousand years! It sounds super challenging and I never thought I was fit enough to do it. However, Antoine, the Instructor gave lots of beginner-friendly options and I felt so good after the class that I’d definitely do it again.

RPM® – This has been my favourite class of the selection that I’ve tried. It’s a super challenging 45 minute workout but you can really feel your lungs and legs work and are left with such a buzz afterwards.

PUMP® – This was another class that I was intimidated by – however I went with a friend for the first time and quickly got the hang of it. It’s an easy way to add strength training into your week and you feel so accomplished afterwards.

CXWORX® – Is a super fulfilling workout and one where you feel the burn – in a good way. I can see that this has made me leaner and stronger already.

In just 10 days I’ve lost 1.5kgs, feel happier, more confident and have been getting far better sleep – I’m looking forward to keeping up with these new changes I’ve made and I’m excited for the results to keep coming. “