Celebrate International Burger Day by chowing down on one of these stacks of deliciousness.

Next Monday 28 May is International Burger Day (apparently). And while we don’t need a made-up international day of celebration as an excuse to eat a burger, we’ll happily take it. If you’re down at Britomart when the lunchtime hunger pangs hit, join your fellow burger-lovers around the world by tucking into one of these mouth-watering numbers.

1. The Chicken Parmigiana Burger at The Chamberlain, $22

This addition to The Chamberlain’s amazing new winter menu (check out the whole thing herehas a distinct Italian-American flair: crumbed chicken, Neapolitan tomato sauce and a parmesan cream dressing. Served with classic crinkle-cut fries. (pictured right)

2. The Mushroom Burger at Better Burger, $7.50

A better burger starts with a deliciously light honey bun, followed swiftly by a lash of secret sauce, topped with locally-sourced tomato, lettuce, pickles and onion rings and a juicy field mushroom patty coated in a herb-seasoned crumb. For less than the price of a fancy beer in a bar, this is the best burger for your buck. (pictured right, below)

3. Market Fish Burger at The Store, $23

This is the kind of burger Gwyneth Paltrow would order, but don’t let that put you off (there’s a reason she still looks like she’s 30). Fresh market fish served on a daikon slaw, moistened with goddess dressing and wrapped in a fresh-made bun add up to a burger that won’t give you a post-lunch carb coma.

4. Classic Brew Beef Burger at Brew On Quay, $22.50

Sometimes you just want to opt for the original, and at Brew on Quay, you’re going to get it. A 100% New Zealand beef pattie, bacon, grilled cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, crispy onion ring, pickles, special sauce and fries ticks every checkbox on the burger basics list. Match it with their recommended Brown Ale or Porter.

5. Wagyu Beef Burger at Ostro, $30

If you want to celebrate International Burger Day in ultimate style, this is the way to do it. Wagyu beef, grilled to perfection, is paired with aged cheddar, tomato chutney and lettuce on a charcoal brioche bun, and served with truffle fries (of course). The view across the harbour is just the, uh, icing on the top.