Tongue-to-tail and peel-to-pith – get a taste of Amano’s creative and delicious approach to zero-waste dining at the ‘Seasons, Sustainability and Minimal Waste Lunch’ on Wednesday 20 September.

As part of Better September, the team at Amano will present an exclusive five-course lunch which showcases the restaurant’s ethical ethos. Head Chef Andrew Hanson and Executive Chef Jo Pearson have spear-headed the Italian-inspired menu with an unprecedented focus on provenance.

“It comes down to our food values,” explains Hipgroup co-founder Scott Brown. “Zero waste, that’s why we’re using the whole animal. If diners can take an idea away and use it at home to change their purchasing habits, then we’re actually making the environment a better place to live.”

These values are echoed everywhere at Amano and you can experience them firsthand at this very special lunch event. Enjoy bread and pasta made from flour milled on-site using New Zealand grain, just-laid free-range eggs and butter churned in-house. You’ll also sample the raw fish crudo, made using a sustainably fished, local catch. Then devour the ‘tongue-to-tail shorthorn beef’, a show-stopping dish that uses three cuts of meat and is served alongside seasonal, locally-grown produce. Lastly, end the meal on a sweet note with a dessert made using the juice, pith and zest of a perfectly imperfect fruit.

For your chance to take a seat at this very sustainable table, call +64 9 394 1416 to purchase tickets today and get your taste buds ready for an unforgettable afternoon out.


Miche, butter and radish scraps
Sustainable raw fish crudo
Potato cappaletti with onion skin and Parmesan broth
Tounge-to-tail Shorthorn beef
Lemon Budino


Amano’s ‘Seasons, Sustainability and Minimal Waste Lunch’
Five courses including a glass of wine on arrival
Wednesday 20 September, 12.30pm at Amano
$100 per person
Book tickets here