We chat to Denise L’Estrange-Corbet about how WORLD uses fashion as a vehicle for activism and provocation.

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Denise says…

“Over the years, we have focused on art, politics and fashion as a sport, and again in the 90s one of our most successful slogans T-shirts were released in election year.  

Each t-shirt had a name on the front, and each name had a percentage sign underneath as to our perception of the Politicians popularity; Clark, Peters, Lange and Muldoon.  We put a 99% mark under Muldoon’s name, as tongue in cheek, and this was by far the most popular. Not a minute went by without someone coming in to the store to comment about their political views.  

Political t-shirts give people who would not normally protest, a chance to do just that, but with a printed t-shirt instead of a placard.

WORLD has always been a very vocal brand, we are not afraid of debate and putting forward our ideas.  

Today, so many brands are so worried about their ‘brand’ and ‘image’ and don’t want to run the risk of saying something that could ruin their ‘brand’ image that they have nothing to comment on.  I call these “Bland Brands”; no personality or conviction. My view has always been that if you are lucky enough to have a platform, use it!”


WORLD will show its A/W17 collection, ‘The Nonconformist’ as part of a group show.

Kate Sylvester, Zambesi and WORLD
Thursday 30 March
In store, pre-show hosting 6.30-7.30pm
Runway show 7.30-8pm