From early morning to late at night, Amano’s ability to serve up amazing food and drinks with a smile has been recognised in the prestigious Metro Peugeot Restaurant Awards.


Amano’s kind of a dangerous place for your wallet if you work in the Britomart precinct. When its doors open at 7am, they release the intoxicating scent of fresh-baked bread and pastries from the on-site Amano Bakery, underlaid with the warmth of coffee and a whiff of something delicious frying for breakfast.

From their punchy passionfruit and yogurt granola and the surprising zucchini breakfast tagliatelle to poached egg variations and a chargrilled pork shoulder, the breakfast menu makes it worthwhile leaving home early. (There’s even a menu of breakfast cocktails if it’s going to be that kind of day.)

Once lunchtime rolls around, the menu switches to an expansive offering of everything from fresh seafood and free-range proteins with seasonal produce to Amano’s famously fresh pasta, while the takeaway counters fill with an incredible variety of hot and cold sandwiches, tarts, pastries and small treats.

If lunch goes on long enough, it could easily morph into dinner, with a dessert menu of Italian-inspired delicacies, and a drinks menu to match. The doors don’t close until 11pm, whereupon the staff turn around and do it all again the next day with a smile, seven days a week.

It’s this relentless commitment to creating a spectacular eating and drinking experience that tempts people through its doors all day every day (and sometimes multiple times a day) that won Amano the inaugural Best All Day Restaurant Award at this year’s Metro Peugeot Restaurant Awards.

Executive Chef Jo Pearson’s tireless innovation and perfectionism was also recognised with a runner-up award for Best Chef. Jo also presides over the menus at fellow Britomart restaurants Ortolana and The Store, making her accomplishments at Amano even more impressive.