A new blog series explores Auckland’s most exciting precincts.

This week we spotted that Rob Campbell, who heads the Auckland office at property advisory firm TwentyTwo, has launched a blog series about how Auckland is transforming into a world-class city. We were delighted to see that the first precinct explored in the series is Britomart. Rob has a long association with the area and knows more than a few secrets behind it. Here’s a short extract from his blog to pique your interest, with a link to the full story at the end.

Most of us would think of Britomart as a place to eat or to shop. During the day, it’s green and vibrant. By night it’s well-lit and feels welcoming. But the truth is Britomart is mostly made up of offices (around 65,000m2 of offices, in fact) with only around 20 percent retail by floor area (i.e. 17,000m2) – which may surprise many who think of it as a retail and hospitality destination. The major office occupiers include EY, Westpac, Financial Markets Authority, Southern Cross Health Society, and of course, my home base: Generator.

The transformation of this precinct feels very natural, practically organic – as if it’s crept up on us over time. However, none of it is accidental. Behind the scenes there’s a small but highly skilled team executing a master plan to make Britomart a place you want to return to day and night, and on weekends. Compare this to your typical office block area. Do you want to come back on the weekend? Generally, you don’t! Not willingly anyway. And if you did you’d most likely find yourself walking through a deathly quiet ghost town!

 This is why we like the vibe that Britomart has become. There’s a holistic, complicated sense of place that draws you to this area – a mix of new built environment, urban renewal, heritage and industrial restoration, office, retail, open space, food and hospitality, and a close connection with the waterfront (which is slowly becoming more accessible. And it’s not finished yet…

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