From team building to game day, there’s always an excuse to do Boys’ Day Out in style.

caretaker 4

BCC: Head with your mates for after work drinks to grab a gourmet burger and Heineken for $20. If you can’t wait until Friday, head mid-week for wood-fired pizza, a salad or a gourmet burger for $10!

Caretaker: Head to Roukai Lane for a whiskey on hand-cut ice. This is a New York-style inspired cocktail bar…the ultimate lads’ club.

The Face Place: New year, new you. Head to the Face Place for hair loss treatment, Botox for sweating problems… and they even have sexual rejuvenation treatments.

REC: If you’re into live music, this place has the best gigs in town, three times a week. Sit back and enjoy.

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Off Wax.jpg

Better Burger: Set yourself up for a picnic with mates at Takutai Sqaure; hamburger, fries and soda for $11!

AS Colour: 5 items for $140, your shopping for the year done and dusted.

Ryder: Get the highest quality trim to sharpen up from $70.

Off Wax: Sort out those bushy eyebrows with the best treatment in town.