Britomart highlights this week: Thursday 2 August – Thursday 9 August

Cupcakes, doughnuts, Mac & Cheese burgers and more: eat your fill at Britomart this week.

Few activities offer the pleasure of cruising around a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning, tucking fresh produce into your shoulder bag. And this smiling face – Maddie Brogan of the Blitzd caravan at Britomart’s weekly La Cigale Market – is the purveyor of the clean-living cherry on top: smoothie bowls crammed with fresh fruit, yoghurt and other healthy stuff. Maddie talks to Madison Dunn at this link. Photo by Charles Buenconsejo.

One of the best things about winter is lemon curd. Milse has luscious little home-made jars of it on their shelves (plus salted caramel and raspberry jam). Great as a treat for you or someone else.

Here’s a concept that will blow your mind: a Mac & Cheese Burger. Bite into the deep-fried patty of this bad boy and creamy mac ‘n’ cheese oozes out. On the lunch menu at Orleans, and available to go.

Tiffany & Co‘s customisation service has gone next-level. With the Make It My Tiffany service, you can emboss, engrave, etch, embroider or otherwise snazz up your Tiffany trinkets and accessories with your own art, handwriting, patterns, message or signature.

Needing to briefly escape from it all? Invest in a Mini-Ranger Rucksack ($865) from Deadly Ponies as the first step towards an Insta-worthy winter weekend getaway.

With a podular (yes, that’s a word) split-sole construction system, the just-launched adidas Originals POD runner silhouette is a blast from the past, reimagined for the future. From $210.

Do you love puppies and kittens? And do you love cupcakes? (Trick questions, right?) Next Monday 6 August, the power of both combine into a force for good: SPCA Cupcake Day. From 6am-2pm, the SPCA will be selling cupcakes in Takutai Square to fundraise for NZ’s neglected animals. Do them – and yourself – a favour by picking up a little something to start the week off right.

Speaking of sweet treats, the ludicrously delicious and colourful creations of Doornuts Doughnuts are now available at Shaky Isles. Get your Hump Day indulgence on Wednesdays before they sell out.

Next Wednesday 8 August you can enjoy your lunch in Takutai Square to the sound of the 50 soaring voices of the Hereworth School choir, from 12-12.30pm. It’s said that music is an aid to digestion, you know.