Britomart Highlights this week – Thursday 28 February to Thursday 7 March

An autumn fashion edit, hijinks in the Square, and how to score free M.A.C products just for being a good person!

We’re certain – certain, we tell you! – that this incredible summer isn’t done with us yet, but the recent cool evening snap has reminded us that it’s the first official day of autumn tomorrow. So we’ve put together an edit of fashion and beauty items and small treats that will help smooth the transition from one season to the next. Key directions we’re picking: earthy tones, abstracted patterns drawn from nature and quilted clothes (it’s like wearing your duvet to work but without looking defeatist). Click here.

Next Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day. On Wednesday, Generator hosts a discussion of the action needed to achieve equality. The speaker line-up includes MP Paula Bennett, Woman’s Day editor Sido Kitchin, Lion’s Robin Davies, Maru Nihonino from Metia Interactive and Leilani Abels of Thrive PR (pictured). It’s free (including a drink and nibbles) but places are limited, so book here.

This Friday brings another lunchtime street food feast to Takutai Square. This week’s Food Truck Friday eats come from your favourite fried-potato purveyor, Double Dutch Fries, vegan burgers from Wise Boys, the Sunday-roast version of a burrito (it’s a real thing!) courtesy of Grub, and sourdough grilled-cheese sammies from Guerilla Grill. Enjoy your lunch to the sounds of DJ Rose Alice in the sun.

This week, audiences have been enjoying the curious capers of the cast of the Mistranslation Laboratory, a live, interactive performance and art project operating out of a shipping container in Takutai Square as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival. Three “choreographic scientists” have been collecting “research” about the world through a series of amusing experiments. There are performances three times a day on Friday and Saturday, and chances to interact with the performers throughout – or just observe, if you prefer!

Our Good Citizen podcast is firing up again for the year, featuring good citizens from all over Tāmaki discussing great ideas for the future of our city. Watch out next week for Jeremy Hansen’s chat with Ben van Bruggen, manager of City Design Strategy at Auckland Council: he’s so excited by the city’s potential he moved here from London. You can listen to earlier episodes here.

Twenty Two is an innovative property advisory service with an Auckland office based out of Generator’s smart Britomart co-working space. Their marketing manager Emma Barker recently talked to new team player Steffi McKeown (pictured) about the increasingly female face of commercial property advisory. Click here to read about how diversity is benefitting the industry.

Last week, you met Tana Mitchell, one of the co-founders of Studio Akin. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Emma Kaniuk, the other half of the partnership. A prolific preserver of fruit and vegetables and one of the design minds behind the Dogdogdog range of canine accessories, Emma’s worked on a vast range of branding, graphic design, way-finding, customer experience and product packaging projects in her time since graduating from design school. We talked to this proud Westie about a hidden nature gem in the inner West, her specialist skill, and the time she was an actual real-life hero. Click here to read.

Attention M.A.C fans! Did you know that you can bring your empty product containers back to the store to earn stamps towards a free M.A.C product through the Back to M.A.C programme? For every six full-size product containers you return, you can choose one of 20 shades of lipstick or 3 tubes of mascara for free. The returned containers are recycled in Melbourne in various ways.

Jo Malone London fragrances are made to be layered, and many fans of the brand combine two or more of their favourite scents to create a signature blend. But carrying around a couple of bottles of perfume to refresh with during the day isn’t exactly convenient. Their new solid perfume palette solves the problem, with 10 of the most popular fragrances available to slot into the double-layered case.