Britomart People / Bart ‘The Bacon Guy’ van Werkhooven

Almost everyone loves bacon, but few know bacon as well as Bart does. The founder of Farmhouse Bacon makes his bacon the old-fashioned way, with love, and no nasty ingredients.

Give us your sales pitch! What’s special about what you’re selling? We sell beautiful bacon! Its dry-cured, oak-smoked, gluten-free, MSG-free, with no preservatives. The meat is from a cage-free farm in the South Island, and is prepared in a small factory in Manukau. We guarantee that it will crisp up beautifully, and nothing extra will come out. I’ve been making bacon for 51 years, since I was 14, so believe me when I say it is the best around.

How do you like it served best? Fry it up on a hot pan, with a little olive oil if you would like (although it doesn’t need anything added), and eat it on its own, in sandwiches, salads- it can go in whatever you like!

How did you end up with this gig? We have been at these markets for the past two years.

You sell in other places. What stands out about the downtown crowd? It’s a good, solid market with a lot to offer. I’ve noticed it’s quite a young crowd who want easy meals, especially if they live in apartments around the city. So bacon comes in handy, as it’s easy for them to cook up for any occasion.

Visit La Cigale at Britomart Farmers’ Market every Saturday in Takutai Square, 8am to 1pm. 

Photographs by Charles Buenconsejo