The woman behind our Mother’s Day campaign illustration knows the real work and joy behind raising children.


Thanks for illustrating our Mother’s Day campaign. How would you describe your illustration style? I try to focus on a strong, simple concept in my work and my process is a mixture of planning and playfulness. It’s tricky to describe your own style but my illustrations almost always have a hand-drawn element and lately have become more influenced by hand-cut shapes, pattern and colour.

You’re a Mum yourself. What does Mother’s Day mean for you? It’s lovely to be a mother on Mother’s Day and it’s a great day to connect with my own Mum who I love and appreciate so much. But essentially it’s about honouring the love and support of all the nurturers in our lives, including the beautiful maternal spirit in the world.

What would be your ideal Mother’s Day? Ironically, time off from Mum duties.

Do people talk enough about the hard parts of motherhood? Such an interesting question. I actually think people do talk about the hard stuff but of course, it’s irrelevant until you become a parent. There’s heaps of brutally honest dialogue out there but mostly in parenting circles. You just can’t describe or imagine how hard (and amazing) it can be until you are getting amongst it yourself.

You recently illustrated the book Little Gems: Marvels and Musings on Motherhood from Around the World. Can you tell us a bit about the book and your role in it? Yes! Little Gems has just been published in the US and Canada. It’s a beautiful book about the different ways we bring children into the world. It’s encouraging, unique and full of cultural and historical anecdotes on Motherhood. It was researched and written by my good friends Jane Langley and Bridget Fogarty, and illustrated and designed by me. A super-proud moment was winning two categories at the PANZ Book Design Awards for the illustration and design. Available in NZ here


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