You already know Uber and probably Zoomy. Now say hello to Ola.

New to the New Zealand market (but already well-established in India and Australia), Ola is a new rideshare service that is hoping to shake up the market by attracting great drivers with a better commission deal than the main market competition. Brian Dewil, country manager for Ola, says the service is focused on rider experience, and aims to deliver a safe and affordable alternative in the market.

Britomart: You say your app is a fair alternative in the rideshare space. What does this mean for your drivers? 

Brian Dewil: Drivers stand to benefit from higher earnings, with a low 9 percent introductory commission rate – ensuring they take home more for each ride. After 30 days, the standard commission rate of 18 percent is applied. Payments for all drivers are made daily. The current rideshare leader in New Zealand takes 28 percent from drivers, so the Ola rate is substantially lower.

Competitors like Uber and, more locally, Zoomy are pretty well-established. What makes you think the rideshare market has room for more players? We saw a real opportunity in New Zealand to provide a reliable alternative in the rideshare space for both customers and drivers. We have invested a lot of time in understanding New Zealand customers and creating the right strategy to suit Kiwi transport needs.

We’re very excited to be launching in New Zealand, following a successful launch in Australia. We will be launching in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and will look at expanding across more cities in New Zealand when the time is right. Our goal is to provide high-quality travel, affordable prices and a safe, reliable and enjoyable rideshare experience to New Zealanders.

You’re based here at Generator in Britomart, and launching Ola now. What does the launch entail in terms of special introductory offers? To celebrate the New Zealand launch, new customers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who sign up in the app by November 30 will receive 50 percent off all rides for their first 30 days, up to a discount of $10 per ride.