Britomart people: Chris Hutchinson

Multi-eyed monsters, undersea creatures, plants with personality and all manner of flying beasts – Chris Hutchinson’s artworks are densely detailed, and full of delight. Now he’s turned his vivid style to the street posters advertising Britomart’s Street Kai on Takutai street food event. Here, he talks about that poster and showcases some of his other work. Check more of his work out at @chippydraws on Instagram.

Britomart: When did you start drawing? Chris Hutchinson: I’ve pretty much been drawing my whole life but I only really started to take it seriously and draw under the ‘Chippy’ moniker at some point while I was studying graphic design at AUT during 2012–2015. In my last year at university, I co-founded a small printing/creative studio on K’ Road called Inky Palms with my mates and have ever since been using this as a place to focus my creative energies and get my drawings out there into the world.

How would you describe your drawing style, and how did it evolve? A trippy chippy deep-fried candy-flavoured incandescent spiral of cute and creepy critters. It evolved slowly but surely by doing it every day and not being too afraid to show people what I’m doing so I can get feedback and learn and evolve.

You work for a number of clients, but you also produce your own work. What do you do differently when you’re working for yourself?When I’m doing my own drawings I have the luxury of taking as long as I like, so these artworks tend to be a lot more intricate and freestyle than my commercial work. I’m often printing and binding them into zines and sharing/selling these at local markets such as Auckland Zinefest.

What are some of the highlight projects you’ve worked on for clients recently? I had the pleasure recently on working on a poster series for K’ Road nightclub Neck Of The Woods. It was a month-long project and they gave me quite a lot of creative freedom to do what I like and that’s always the best! 

What do you like doing in your spare time? Most of my time is taken up by drawing at my studio, really. When you go freelance and follow your passion it sometimes seems like the line between work and play blurs a little bit. Beers are also good. 

Tell us about your concept behind your illustration for Street Kai on Takutai. It’s a cool juicy burger with a future so bright it needs some sunnies on, having a real nice day down at Takutai Square enjoying the best of what Auckland has to offer!