Britomart People / Daniel Neas

A multi-channel specialist at Westpac, Daniel’s got big dreams, and he’s not afraid to go get them.


Are you from Auckland? No, I’m from Invercargill. Moved up about five years ago. I was working as a road worker at the time, then moved to Westpac a year after I got here.

How do you get to Britomart? I catch the train from Kingsland.

What do you enjoy about working here? For me, it’s the opportunities to meet people that you never thought possible. Jacinda’s been in here a couple of times. I didn’t talk to her obviously, but I saw her!

What’s your favourite place to eat around here? Brew on Quay is quite cool. I like red wine and burgers. Or Mexico. We went there before the Sam Smith concert. I think that’s why this area is so cool, as so much is nearby.

What’s your idea of fun? I’ve recently been doing a lot of picnics with my friend and I really enjoy that.

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do? I’d probably adopt some kids and live the life. I’m going over to America next week because my partner’s in the navy over there training to be a fighter pilot and eventually I’ll be moving over there. We’d have to get married first.

Really? Are you going to get married? Well, he hasn’t asked yet. But he’s hinted at it. A couple of months ago I went on an extended lunch break and went to Tiffany’s to try rings on and sent a photo of the one I liked to him. That’s another good thing about being in this area!

That’s very forward! 100 percent! Bossy Bottom, I think they call it.

How did you meet? We met when I was on a rugby trip in Amsterdam. I play for the NZ Falcons, the gay rugby team. We were inseparable for the two weeks I was there. We hand-write letters to each other now, lots of emails and talking. I’m heading over there to see him graduate.

Do you travel often? This year I’ve had six holidays. Europe, Australia twice, Queenstown and Invercargill… Now America!

Are there any Britomartonians you see around that you’d like to make friends with? The Ernst & Young guys seem pretty cool. And the guys down in Orleans are mint too.

If you could wake up in someone else’s body tomorrow, who would you choose? I’d probably say the Queen. She’s such an interesting and graceful lady. She’s probably the one person in the world that I would LOVE to meet. The chances are pretty low. But she just carries herself so beautifully.

So you’d wake up in her body and then..? I’d wake up and be like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m the queen!’