DJ Rose Alice (known to her friends as Ange Saunders) is a regular around the Auckland scene (she was one of our line-up last summer at Britomart too). We caught her between gigs and asked her a few personal questions, as well as what she’s listening to right now.

Britomart: How long have you been DJing for?
Ange: I started collecting records in 2000, then started DJing out in 2004. So, a grand total of 14 years on the Auckland scene.

How did you get into it? I went to the UK in 1999, and discovered the amazing dance scene over there. I had previously been a singer in rock and blues bands, so this was all very new to me! With the influence of family and good friends in the scene, I found a love of house music, which has evolved into the many shades and genres of music I play out theses days.

Where’s your favourite place to play? I am lucky enough to be able to play at some wonderful venues in the city every weekend, so its hard to pick a favourite! Fukuko, which is in Britomart is one. The Culpeper and Dr Rudi’s on the Viaduct, and Bedford Soda and Liquor Ponsonby are favourites as they allow me to play what I like… funk, soul and good-vibe music.

Best experience while playing? Having this lovely elderly man named Bruce come and see me every Friday I played at Soul Bar. He knew all about jazz.

Worst experience while playing? Playing outside in an uncovered DJ booth and getting caught out in the rain… No good for my gear!

What’s one song that is always a hit when you play? Respect by Aretha Franklin… Always a hit!

What do you do when you aren’t playing? I have a lovely seven-year-old boy, Jimmy, so I am a DJ mum. I’m also a chef, and most recently the recipe-tester for the new amazing Ripe Recipes: A Third Helping cookbook, which has just been released through Beatnik Publishing. Ripe Deli is on Richmond Road in Grey Lynn.

What is your go to road trip song? The Sweetest Meditation (feat.Mara TK) Julian Dyne Remix by Lord Echo.

What is your favourite thing about Britomart? Me playing music in Takutai Square in the summer! Haha! I love that it’s a great place to meet up with friends and there is always something to suit everyone’s tastes. Also, having a beautiful piece of grass in the city to chill out on in the summer is amazing.