With a passion for food and travel, France loves her busy role as marketing and events manager at the artisan patisserie and restaurant group La Petite Fourchette.


Are you from Auckland and if not, how did you end up here? 

This is a funny story, I got here quite randomly, actually. I was back home in Paris with my partner at the time and while we were driving around town, he asked me out of the blue, “Hey should we go to New Zealand?”. Three months later we were in a plane to get here. New Zealand was supposed to be the first stop of many others but as I travelled the country, I fell in love with its nature and people, and decided to settle in Auckland. I have been here for over four years now and could not be happier to have taken this leap of faith few years ago!

How do you get to Britomart?

I live in Ponsonby, so I can easily bus to Britomart, or Uber my way in.

What do you do here?

I am responsible for the marketing and events of the French patisserie and restaurant company La Petite Fourchette (Britomart and Wynyard) as well as their big sister eatery La Fourchette in St Heliers.

How did you get into it?

I used to create events back in Paris, and always worked hospo jobs on the side while studying. This job helps me combine both worlds I like to work in, as well as my experiences together.

What was your first job?

Ice-cream vendor! Where I was probably eating more the products than selling them.

What’s your idea of fun?

Sharing time with my people. The perfect fun day for me would be to hit the road with some friends and enjoy the multiple hidden gems that New Zealand has to offer – if I had to pick a spot right now, and we were not in winter, I’d probably go for Whale Bay in Tutukaka coast.

Where’s your favourite place to eat around here?

I am completely addicted to the French Pain Perdu that we do at La Petite Fourchette Britomart. Karangahape Road offers a lot of great little places. Bar Céleste is definitely one of them.

Where’s the best place for a beverage?

You can often find me at either Parasol & Swing in the Viaduct or at Conch in Ponsonby – they always play the nicest tunes in town. More recently, I have spent great times at Fitzroy – best cocktails ever. You should try them all!

What’s something not many people know about you?


I have this awe for orcas. I mean how magnificent are these creatures honestly? My childhood dream is to see some one day, I hope I will be lucky enough to witness it in New Zealand!

What’s the best thing about working around here?

It’s vibrant and feels like a little village where everyone kind of know each other. We have some similar arrondissements back in Paris, so I guess it reminds me my hometown in some ways.

How do you spend your days off?

In summer I often get out of town with friends and try to make the most of the good weather. When not on trips, I like trying new restaurants and places, so I am often out at dinner parties around town. I am also a big music fan, so you will regularly find me attending music events.

Do you have a hidden superpower, party trick or Mastermind topic?

Would there still be hidden superpowers if I told you?

Have you read, watched or listened to anything great lately?

The documentary ‘Blue’ about the destruction of our oceans. I would recommend it to anyone. On a happier note, the TV show ‘Dave’ is loads of fun, and the book ‘The Boy, the Fox, the Mole and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy is full of poetry, and would bring inspiration and hope to anyone in those uncertain times. 

What’s your favourite season of the year?

This is certainly going to be original: Summer! I am trying my best to follow the sun all year round and often have the chance to go back to France for a couple of weeks when winter starts here, and summer begins over there. This year will be different for sure with the travel restrictions due to COVID but I see it as an opportunity to enjoy what New Zealand also has to offer during the winter season!