Britomart People / Jett Nichol, chef at Better Burger

A lot of people stream past the Britomart Better Burger outlet every day, going to or from a train. When he’s not feeding them, Jett Nichol is taking mental style notes.

How do you get to Britomart? I walk. I live in the Dilworth Building.

What do you enjoy about working here? I’ve been at Better Burger for four years, just because they treat me well, I enjoy it. We’re also kind of like the rock stars around here. If you were to come by on Friday or Saturday night, we have music playing and yeah, it’s a good time.

There’s also a lot of interesting people here. And one thing about working at the train station, I feel like from a fashion context, we can see pretty much what the entirety of the country looks like, all the diversity, right through these gates, every day. This is a pretty monumental spot.

Do you like fashion? Yeah, I studied fashion in Hawkes Bay. I’m from Hawkes Bay. I made this hoodie. And I made a really cool merino wool t-shirt recently. I’ve been saving money to do it, and doing it in-between work. I’ve got my sewing machine up in my apartment, like a little mini studio, if you will. I’ve been making clothes for a long time, about eight years or something. I wanna be the greatest!

If you could change one thing about Auckland what would it be? I like Auckland. New Zealand though. Just the mentality of not really letting each other succeed. And people don’t believe in themselves, like we’re too far removed to make an impact on the world, but we can.

How are you planning to make an impact? With clothing. With design, I guess.

What does your tattoo mean? Fear God. I like Lil Wayne a lot and Lil Wayne has it, he has it in black though.

What other music do you like? Kanye West. Lorde. Let’s just keep it as those two. Those are my two favourites.

What’s the best thing at Better Burger? Best cheese burgers in the country. Nothing more nothing less.

Where else do you like to eat around here? If I wasn’t saving… Dante’s Pizza. And the Japanese place down the road, Ebisu.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in AucklandThe One Tree Hill planetarium.

Whats your idea of a good time? Influencing people. Making money and materialism.

What’s your favourite thing to spend money on then? I’m trying to get a Rolex. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs. Like these pants are my girlfriend’s, but I buy Rick Owens shoes. I only have two pairs, but they’re $1500 a pair. I’m never wearing another shoe again.

Interview and photography by Florence Noble