Britomart People: Kassandra from Pukeko Bakery

There’s no chance that we’re ever really going to commit to a low-carb lifestyle at Britomart – not with incredible bread-makers like the team from Pukeko Bakery Hand-made Artisan Bread tempting us with their loaves at the Saturday La Cigale Market in Takutai Square.


Give us your sales pitch! What’s special about what you’re selling? We sell a range of pastries and breads. Everything is made the night before, and is usually completed around 3am to guarantee its freshness.

How did you end up with this gig? This was one of the first stallholders from the start of the market, but I have only been working here for the past month.

Do you get time to browse the other stalls? What would you be buying if you were us? I love getting a juice or a smoothie from Urban Fuel, or a coffee from Helen at Kōkako. I also love getting my weekly fruit and vegetables while I’m here, as they always have lots of great deals.

You sell in other places. What stands out about the downtown crowd? The diversity in Britomart really stands out. It’s nice to see a wide range of people down here.

Photo by Charles Buenconsejo