As founder of the luxury accessories label Deadly Ponies, Liam Bowden knows a good bag (and a good belt, and a good scarf…). We talked to him about their new-in-store Resort collection, and what he’s been up to this year.

We love the new Resort collection. Can you tell us what inspired it in terms of palette? Our Resort collection was inspired by adornment and talismans. Within the collection there are metallics like gold and a metallic purple to represent medallions and our new season hues, symbolise our colours of devotion, Saffron and Ultraviolet.

Is this the first time you’ve used PVC in a collection? How is it to work with compared to the luxurious natural materials that you typically use? We previously used PVC in a collection about five years ago. The PVC was quilted between a felt stuffing forming a inside / outside window of the bag’s structure. In terms of working with PVC, it’s actually quite a delicate material in comparison to some leathers. Our croc-embossed bovine, for example, is quite a stiff rigid material and requires a bit of moulding.  

What items are you going to have to clean out of the bottom of your Transparent bag before you take it out for a walk? Our idea of our Transparent capsule is to have objects on display, whether that be tissues, a water bottle or silk scarf. The objects can be ordered and tidy or chaotic. It is the idea of visibility, not about inspecting your bag.

And what are you going to be displaying in there most proudly? Pieces that we would want to be seen. Our python and metallic small leather goods are very textured and attention grabbing. Almost anything can be on display… maybe a pair of earrings, colourful drink bottle or a silk patterned scarf. The idea is that if you want, these items you treasure all year round can be on display, even if it is not on your body.

It’s been a busy year for Deadly Ponies – what have been some of the highlights for you? There have been a quite a few highlights! One would be our Resort ‘19 collection – it was envisioned the year before, and launched at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, which was a huge brand milestone. A week later, we launched our Silks collection at Auckland Art Fair with a number of creators and collaborators. Behind the scenes we have been working on a number of other collaborations, which will launch in the next 18 months, so it has been an exciting time for us.

Finally, when you’re down at Britomart, where do you like to stop in (other than your own store!) and why? Lululemon for workout gear – they have great singlets and shorts. I often go to Ortolana for lunch or dinner, and for great cocktails, I head down to The Caretaker.

Deadly Ponies, 52 Tyler Street, Britomart. 



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