Few activities offer the pleasure of cruising around the La Cigale at Britomart farmer’s market on a Saturday morning, tucking fresh produce into your shoulder bag. And this smiling face – Maddie Brogan of the Blitzd caravan – is the purveyor of the clean-living cherry on top: smoothie bowls crammed with fresh fruit, yoghurt and other healthy stuff.

NAME: Maddie Brogan


Give us your sales pitch! What’s special about what you’re selling? We sell a range of smoothies and smoothie bowls. Our menu is healthy, but doesn’t compromise on taste, and everything is locally sourced. We cater for gluten-free and dairy-free individuals as well.

How did you end up with this gig? We are actually located down in the viaduct from Monday to Friday, with Bacon Brothers, and when we saw they were coming to these markets, we also thought it would be a great move for us too.

Do you get time to browse the other stalls? What would you be buying if you were us? Bacon Brothers for sure – we are co-partners, so every market they attend, we are there with them.

You sell in other places. What stands out about the downtown crowd? It’s very diverse so we see a lot of tourists, kids, locals, construction workers, along with many others. It’s nice having variety.

Visit the La Cigale market at Britomart’s Takutai Square every Saturday from 8am to 1pm.