Britomart People: Marty Andrews

Marty Andrews is that guy at Fabric who always knows just what you need

You’re co-owner of Fabric; how long have you had the store? Fabric’s been around for about 15 years, but we’ve only been in Britomart for about 18 months.

Are you from Auckland? Yes, yep, I am.

What suburb do you live in? I actually live in Orewa. We moved out there about four years ago. I love it.

Do you have a hot Orewa tip? Oh god. Enjoy the beach? I like Wenderholm Regional Park, it’s one of my favourites.

How do you get to work? Just commute. I drive every day. It’s not so bad, only about 45 minutes. People say it’s crazy but it’s a really good lifestyle up there.

What is a wardrobe staple that you could not go without? I would say my Comme Des Garcons t-shirt. White.

White? How do you keep it clean? You just have a lot of them [laughs]. Always have a white Comme tee, they’re the best.

What’s your favourite restaurant in town? Or in Orewa! There is no favourite restaurant in Orewa. No, I joke. In town? I don’t know, I should say somewhere in Britomart shouldn’t I, but I don’t really get out much. I like going to Odettes, it’s just easy.

Favourite dish there? Oh, the fries.

They’re so good right!? Yeah [laughs]. When we go with the team, that’s what we always stock up on.