Britomart People / Norie Yamazaki

She’s adding to the multicultural aspect of Auckland that she enjoys so much. Meet one of the team of barista’s at Britomart’s premiere espresso bar.

Norie Yamazaki, Barista Espresso Workshop

Are you from Auckland? I’m from Japan. I’ve lived in Auckland since 2003, so 15 years.

And how has the city changed since you’ve lived here? Well, obviously this building is quite new, so there’s been development. It’s cleaner, I think.

What do you like best about the city? The people are nice and kind. I also like the multi-culture here.

What suburb do you live in, and how do you get to work? Parnell. I do half driving and half walking.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend? Shopping at the big malls or going to cafes, but I usually work on the weekends.

Where’s your favourite cafe?  Here.

Besides here? Ummm… I actually like lots. I like Candy Shop, I like Simon and Lee, Winona Forever.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Probably cat. Cause cats are mysterious.

Where would be your dream holiday? Hawaii. Because I’ve never been there but it’s got a beach, looks relaxing.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve been on holiday? Japan. I love the shopping – good quality but cheap – and the food and also my family still live there.

You like to shop, so what’s the best thing you’ve bought lately? Um I think unicorn onesies for my kids. One of my daughters is ten and the other one is three but the shop had both their sizes, so they can wear them together. They’ve been dancing in them. It’s so cute.

Espresso Workshop, 11 Britomart Pl

Photo by Josh Griggs