Britomart People: Roselle Campbell

Treats don’t come much sweeter than those served up at Miann. Here, Roselle Campbell talks about her favourite restaurants, top desserts and Britomart secrets.

Roselle Campbell, Co-owner, Miann

Which suburb do you live in? College Hill.

So do you walk to work? No, Brian [my husband and co-owner of Miann] drops me off, or I just Uber. We often have to drive back and forth from home because I do the morning shift in Britomart then go home and do some house work or work out. Then come back at maybe 4-5pm and do dinner service.

What’s your favourite Britomart secret? I think the place is just really really magical. I love the ambience and the crowd is nice. It’s one of the city’s best features. So is the atmosphere.

And what’s your favourite Auckland city restaurant? White and Wongs. I love the service there and how they look after us every single time. And the food. The best dish is the prawn dumplings. Also Clooney, but obviously you can’t really afford Clooney all the time. But I love those two.

What hot food trends have you noticed lately? Waffles. Everybody seems to be doing them. We’re doing them – obviously a sweet version. We have at least five different versions.

Do you have a favourite? Yes, the apple crumble.

Are you a beer or a wine drinker? A bit of both. Summer I love a beer, and then in winter or the colder months I like wine. I’m a big fan of pinot noir. I love New Zealand pinot noir.

Are you a cat or a dog person? Both, actually. I grew up with both animals. I would prefer to have a dog now than a cat though, because I think they’re much more interactive and much you get more out of them.

Do you have any pets? No, we live in an apartment so we can’t have any. We’re also very busy and I wouldn’t have time to really look after one. In the future we’ll get one though. Brian would like an Alsatian but I want a Labrador.