Inspired by the foods he tried in Israel, Yinon brings home-style vegetarian and vegan foods to the Britomart La Cigale Market every Saturday.

Give us your sales pitch! What’s special about what you’re selling? I sell a range of vegetarian and vegan foods, made fresh every week, with locally sourced ingredients. I sell falafels, pita pockets, different types of bread, hummus, chilli and more. I make all the food the way it’s supposed to taste – you won’t be able to enjoy commercialised versions of it once you have tasted how it’s supposed to be prepared. I make everything myself on a weekly basis.

How did you end up with this gig? I’ve been coming to these markets since day one. Myself and Helen from Kokako Organic Coffee are the only stallholders that have been here since the beginning.

Do you get time to browse the other stalls? What would you be buying if you were us? I love the juices that Erik and Sota make at Urban Fuel, as well as Martin’s Takayoki – got to support my neighbours!

You sell in other places. What stands out about the downtown crowd? The regulars that are down here every week is what differs the Britomart market to others I attend, and are the reason I keep coming back. No matter the weather, whether it’s rain or shine, they are down here every week buying my food. If they weren’t continuously showing their support, I wouldn’t have kept coming back for as long as I have.

La Cigale at Britomart runs every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Photographs by Charles Buenconsejo