Buildings & Spaces

Britomart’s streetscape is made up of graceful heritage buildings and bold contemporary structures, linked by an inviting network of public spaces.


Much of Britomart’s unique character comes from the contrasts and relationships between its buildings: historic and modern, bold and intimate, public and private. Connecting and separating the buildings is a pattern of linked public spaces, where people can gather, meet and linger. This emphasis on people and places that make them feel comfortable is at the heart of the vision for Britomart. Designed on an accessible, human scale, the buildings and spaces of Britomart come together to create a busy, welcoming ‘people place’ in the central city.

Britomart’s Heritage Architecture

Most of the 18 historic buildings throughout the precinct date from between 1880 and 1920. Many were built as warehouses and storerooms for Auckland’s early merchant industry. They range from the magnificent Imperial Baroque of the Chief Post Office to the restrained Art Deco elegance of the Maritime Building on Quay Street. All Britomart’s heritage buildings are being carefully restored, with meticulous attention to materials, colour schemes, fittings and other period details. Many of these old buildings were almost derelict at the beginning of the Britomart redevelopment project. Several have now been fully restored and leased long-term to commercial tenants. Others, awaiting renovation, have been tidied up and leased on an interim basis. More on Britomart’s history

Building Britomart’s Future

Work is constantly being undertaken in Britomart. From the renovation of heritage spaces to the development of new buildings, Britomart incorporates the latest sustainable design principles and builds to strict four- and five-star New Zealand Green Building Council standards. All spaces are designed to the highest standards by world-class architects, scaled and modelled to sit comfortably with their surroundings.