One of the best parts of winter at Britomart involves two important words: New menu. This week, Cafe Hanoi has released its new winter menu, as well as appointing a new executive chef, Nathan Houpapa.

As well as adding a raw section (featuring oysters and raw fish with Vietnamese dressings, plus a Vietnamese take on steak tartare), the new Cafe Hanoi menu aims to make it simpler for customers to order, by breaking it down into protein and vegetable sections. “The raw section is a contemporary take rather than a traditional replication — you don’t typically see raw fish eaten in Vietnam, but it works beautifully with the cuisine’s classic flavours,” says Houpapa, who also explains that “a very important part of Vietnamese cuisine is balancing the dishes you have on the table – making sure that there’s sweet, sour, salt and spice, along with the hallmark Asian freshness.”

With a duck curry, a caramelised pork hotpot and new bite-sized dishes in the mix, this is a seriously good line-up from a spot that we thought couldn’t get any better. Two more words: Nom Nom. See some of the new dishes below:

Hue style beef tartare w Thai basil, toasted rice paper & chilli oil, $15

Lemongrass pork skewers w pickled mustard greens, lettuce & fresh herbs, $22

Rhubarb, cardamom & custard crème brulee, $12

Line-caught fish w lemongrass, palm sugar, chilli & Thai basil oil, $20

Wok-seared shrimp salad w young coconut meat, cucumber & crushed peanuts, $15

Caramelised pork belly hotpot with ginger & coconut, $27


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