Executive creative director/owner at design studio CTRL_ (pronounced ‘Control Space’) Chris is the mind behind the interior design of The Brit, Britomart’s newest gastropub.

What was your role on The Brit design project?

I worked closely with Nourish Group on the initial brief and concept direction. I then liaised with my senior design team to bring the idea to life – we all had a hand in this project’s creation and its development.  It was a real labour of love for everyone and we’re thrilled with the result.

What was the main goal when designing The Brit interior?

We had three key mantras for the project – own the corner, celebrate the entrance, and embrace the groups. I think we delivered on those!

What was the biggest challenge during the design process?

In all honesty, the project and the design process were pretty smooth. The concept was well aligned with the client’s expectations, the landlord was supportive of the direction and I think the end result is all we could have hoped for.

What stands out/is different about The Brit compared to other projects you have worked on?

It’s a truly relaxed pub and in that context quite unique in Auckland, if not New Zealand. It has all the cool vibes and materials of a sophisticated venue but with a really relaxed attitude. It’s bright and fresh, yet warm and inviting. It was also great to work with Nourish Group and their team, particularly with their design sensibilities and elevated food component of the offering.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The first stages of a project – discussing the opportunities and potential of a site with a client. Understanding who our customer is, really determining how they will engage with a space and designing around that. I also love exploring new and innovative concepts, both local and international ones, as well as operational trends.