Join us – and millions of others around the globe – in marking Earth Hour this Saturday.

On Saturday night, you might notice that it’s a bit darker around the precinct than usual. That’s because 8.30pm to 9.30pm on March 24 is Earth Hour, when people all around the world switch their lights off for 60 minutes in solidarity with the planet. Earth Hour aims to raise awareness of the multiple challenges facing our environment, from climate change to plastic pollution and energy consumption.

A number of Britomart businesses are regular participants, and will shut down their interior and exterior lighting for an hour or more from 8.30pm on Saturday. We’ll also be switching off our illuminated Scout artwork in Takutai Square, and if you’re planning on staying home on Saturday night, you can join in too. Switch off your power, have a party by candlelight, go outside and gaze at the stars – or just treat yourself to a super-early night and an extra hour or two of sleep.
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