David McCracken at Britomart Project Space

Britomart’s Project Space gallery presents works from local artist David McCracken that are sure to have passersby intrigued.

McCracken began making sculpture from readily available and inexpensive scrap when he could afford little else. In 2000 he had his first solo exhibition entitled ‘Fabrications’ and exhibited an innovative floating installation in lake Pupuke, marking the beginning of a number of floating sculptures. In 2001 he was short listed for the Wallace Art Awards and he has exhibited at Sculpture on the Gulf and Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney).

Plain View brings one of his ongoing concepts of the ‘bomb’ to fruition. “In recent years, the bomb form has been an evolutionary process for McCracken, thematically and artistically, as well as through his own personal connection to the objects. The bombs are based on the forms of early aircraft delivered bombs deployed in 1944; in particular the Tallboy and Grandslam models. Both of these famous bombs were designed by British aeronautical engineer Barnes Wallis. McCracken recalls the photographs of the bombs that he saw as a young boy and found himself drawn to the purity and the elegance of their form.”

It’ll be an interesting year, and this is an interesting start. Come and have a peer in the window and make of Plain View what you will.