DJ Rose Alice plays in Takutai Square every Friday (weather permitting) and provides the soundtrack for Food Truck Fridays. She's also chosen a playlist for the Atrium on Takutai to welcome people back to Britomart with some good grooves.

How was your lockdown experience?

I was at home in Titirangi with my husband Nick and our nine year old son Jimmy. We really enjoyed it. We are both usually busy with work and don’t get a lot of time together at home at the same time. My husband literally gets home from work on a Friday and I’m out the door to my regular DJ gigs for the weekend. He also teaches music three nights a week, so it’s not unusual to only have dinner together once a week! Finally, we could stay home and make music, record DJ mixes, cook meals, and play badminton.

Were you still able to work?

No. Being in the entertainment industry, there was zero work as all venues were shut!

Now that we’re returning to a ‘new normal’ how can the community support people like you?

I think that the best way to support creatives is to go back to your favourite venues, bars, restaurants and cafes to hear music, see live bands and support small local business. We need people in bars, venues and restaurants so we can provide the musical vibe for them! You can also support musicians and DJs by purchasing NZ music bought online from platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes, listening to DJ mixes and original music on Mixcloud and Soundcloud and by tuning in to radio shows/live streams to show your support.

What were the main things you did to stay occupied/positive?

We played a lot of badminton and Banana-grams with our son Jimmy! We also had the time to get into our home studio and recorded one of my original songs and I recorded a vocal for a new After ‘Ours track that my husband is working on. I pre-recorded a Base FM show and curated a few new DJ mixes. Started a painting and had many a meal together around the dining table.

You’ve made a new playlist that is playing in the Atrium on Takutai. How did you choose the tracks to go on it?

I was so chuffed to be asked to curate this playlist. I know what I like to hear when I’m in a public space. I’m always listening! It has to be music that makes you feel good when you hear it. Maybe stir up some old nostalgia, bring back memories, or simply enhance the way you are feeling right in that moment. Music has a very powerful way of connecting to you with the right song just when you need it. The music has to be non-intrusive, and have a good flow.

The playlist is music very similar to what I play at Takutai on Fridays. It’s happy sunshine music (no dark melancholy here!), much like the way I like to be in life. Happy, upbeat and positive with smooth grooves and vocals. If you’re a regular in the Square you will recognise some of the music I have chosen for the playlist. Always a heavy influence of New Zealand artists as there is so much amazing music coming out of our country right now! A few tracks by Troy Kingi (who just won the Taite Music Prize) After ‘Ours, Louis Baker, Nathan Haines, Julian Dyne, Lord Echo and Sola Rosa.

How do you hope the music will make people feel when they hear it?

Hopefully take them to a happy place! What’s not to love when you’re shopping with good tunes or eating lunch?!

Your recommendations for

A series to watch I managed to watch all seven seasons of Mad Men during lockdown (I know, bit late off the mark there!) It was outrageously good, with the most beautiful set designs and costumes.

An album to put on repeat NZ solo artist and friend, Louis Baker’s debut album, ‘Open’. 

An account to follow Shameless self promotion here: ME! and @djrosealice on Instagram. Here you’ll find the link to my Mixcloud and find the Takutai Square Mixes recorded live over the last couple of years at Britomart.