Already the sake specialists, Ebisu has taken rice wine appreciation to the next level with a new drop made specifically for the restaurant: Sanshimai Junmai Ginjo.

A lush and full-bodied rice wine, the new sake shows tropical tones of ripe pineapple and rockmelon when served cold, and honeydew melon and cucumber when heated to 45°C.

Brewed in the mountains of Gifu, Japan in a quaint family-run brewery that has been running since 1702, the new house sake is on the menu now. After toying with the idea of creating a house rice wine for a few years, Ebisu’s Advanced Sake Specialist Wayne Shennen says that he and the team “Looked at the options, and instead of just rebranding someone else’s product we decided to do it properly, having a boutique brewery create something special with the New Zealand sense of taste specifically in mind.”

Named Sanshimai which means three sisters in Japanese (to represent the North, South and Stewart Islands of New Zealand) the specialty drink is available cold or warm depending on how you like it.

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