There’s a new buzz around the city and no, it’s not from all of the summer festivities – the bees are back in town.

You may have noticed lots of new plants cropping up around Britomart and although they add a vibrant touch to our urban landscape there is also another reason – to introduce bees, bugs and birds back into the CBD. For the Love of Bees is an initiative with which aims of doing just that. We found out some facts about bees and what they are doing to create a buzz around town.

A bee colony needs 140 million flowers to feed from to be able to make the 35 kilos of honey it is capable of producing each season.

Plants and flowers provide a much needed food source for bees who need to feed every hour to have the energy to keep going.

Rosemary plants at Britomart are some of the flora currently supplying city bees with nectar and pollen. 

The Griffiths Gardens, located at 42 Wellesley Street, is the hub of inner-city, community initiative, For the Love of Bees. After recently opening, The Griffiths Gardens has been buzzing with city dwellers and environmental enthusiasts from all across Auckland. Every Thursday this summer The Griffiths Gardens will be hosting a series of complimentary lunchtime lessons that teach organic growing practices and sustainable approaches to inner city living.

Outside of working in The Griffiths Gardens, For The Love of Bees is in the process of setting up connections with students from universities and schools across our central city.  Outside of the weekday sessions Griffiths will be the home to weekend workshops and other exciting events which can be found on the For The Love of Bees website.

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