Skincare is one of those from-me-to-me kind of gifts, and we know exactly where you should start.

You know something is good when the formula hasn’t changed in over 400 years. Santa Maria Novella is stocked exclusively at WORLD all the way from Florence. The stunning vintage packaging itself is a sight to behold.

The lotion that’s a spray: M.A.C has received rave reviews about this hydrating lotion that comes in a spray bottle… we’re convinced, mostly because anything in that packaging spells instant GLOW.

Trying new products can be daunting – to start slowly, try a sample pack that’ll give you a small trial of different things. Kiehl’s have the perfect solution in this pack.

Another option – if you’re after the CHANEL of skincare – is to head to CHANEL. Our pick of the dream products on offer would be the infamous “Le-Lift V Flash”. Rest assured however, there are plenty more ideas where this one came from. 

Your skin is usually a tell tale sign of a late night out. Fake it to you make it with Bobbi Brown’s Party Prep skincare set, sure to get you glowing even when you’re feeling anything but.

The Face Place’s Skin Team Leader, Lauren, has picked her top skin care treats and bundled them up to make beautiful Christmas gifts. Each pack is perfect for all skin types and won’t require a skin assessment to purchase. They each have a different focus: cleansing, hydrating, protecting and reviving and they’re priced from $55 – $99.  To secure your gift pack, order in clinic or call the team on 0800 22 68 69. While stocks last.