An important part of Auckland with a unique heritage of culture, architecture and history, Britomart has evolved over the past 11 years from a neglected pocket of the city into a vibrant mixed-use community. A redevelopment led by Cooper and Company, the next stages of the project are underway with the restoration of the heritage listed Australis House and Nathan Building plus planned works to create a Galway Street shared space.

Replacing the current road layout, the shared space will deliver a safer environment for both pedestrians and vehicles, with an upgraded footpath, more usable and accessible public space, new trees and additional seating. The cost of the upgrade will be funded jointly by Auckland Council and Cooper and Company with the Council contribution of $1.5m funded through the City Centre Targeted Rate, a special rate that all city businesses pay to support improvements to Auckland streets, parks and plazas. A continuation of Auckland Council’s development of shared spaces across the city, the works are also in adherence with the City Centre Masterplan.

Upcoming Works 

The upcoming works will see the road between Takutai Square and the two heritage listed buildings: Australis House and the Nathan Building restructured to become a shared space.

It will be a paved area used by both pedestrians and vehicles simultaneously.

The design is a continuation of the council’s development of shared spaces across Auckland and will be constructed in a way similar to that seen on Auckland’s Fort and O’Connell Streets.

This will, in effect, expand Takutai Square past its current borders, extending it right to the foot of the two buildings.

Where necessary, the road will be leveled to ensure an even area, easier for pedestrians and the disabled to navigate.

Though shared, the space will have clearly defined zones for pedestrians and outdoor seating.

Additional service ducts will be laid underneath the shared space on Gore Street in anticipation of future Britomart development.

Its completion will coordinate with the opening of the fully tenanted Australis Nathan Building.

In addition to the paving work, four Pohutukawa trees will be planted on Gore Street.

The shared space will lead you through to the Britomart Transport Centre entrance in the Atrium on Takutai. This will be one of the key entry points to the station during City Rail Link works.

Key Dates


Temporary Galway Street Layout Change

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