Generator are the shared-space kings and just when we thought their amazing range of spaces couldn’t get any better, they have taken things (literally) to another level.

Generator Takutai will next year see the top levels of the Westpac Building on Takutai Square transformed into a slick, modern shared-space. Located across three upper levels at 11 Britomart Place, the site will include two large premium boardrooms, an in-house café, and dual members-only private lounge bars – as well as private lift access, and the same exceptional concierge service which characterises each of Generator’s sites. Generator CEO and co-founder, Ryan Wilson, says that upon launch, the Takutai Square space will be best in class, not just domestically but around the world – and that it will set a new standard for work spaces throughout New Zealand.

“Each and every aspect of the Generator experience has always been designed with the aim of providing that next level of service for our members. Spaces that are vibrant, aesthetically impressive, professional, and which are purpose-built to offer businesses the “perfect fit” space for them, whatever their needs.”

The views are possibly the best in Auckland and the vibe will be reminiscent of a boutique hotel: this will be THE place to work, meet and be – available for tenancy from May 2018.

For venue information contact:
John Moffett – Sales Director, Generator
+64 21 0500 685


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