The city’s hottest new co-working space is up and running in the heart of Britomart.

There’s a swanky new space in town when it comes to events and co-working – one with sky-high views over the harbour and city, rooftop outdoor terraces and luxe cocktail bars: It’s the expansive new three-level Generator complex at the top of the Westpac Building. Recently redesigned by CPRW Fisher, the space brings together modern executive offices, hireable board and conference rooms, private small working spaces and open-plan co-working spaces with opulently detailed hospitality zones.

We spoke to Generator’s General Manager Francesca Blomfield about how the new space caters to an increasingly ‘nomadic’ business community who want access to high-level business and event facilities on an intermittent basis, as well as to established and growing businesses seeking a fully serviced permanent space for their team.

Britomart: Okay, give us the elevator pitch for the new space.

Francesca Blomfield: This site is our most premium, boutique offering. We’ve ‘Generatorfied’ – that’s a word – a corporate office space and taken the best bits of our service to the next level. It’s got more of a lifestyle element to it than our other spaces through the bars and cafes. It’s designed to give a business or businessperson everything they need – an office space, a place to meet a client for a drink, or their partner for lunch.

B: So how’s it different from the other Generator co-working and event spaces? FB: Our Stanbeth site [also at Britomart] is a bit funkier and more creative – it tends to be a site for growing businesses. We see this as being a place to aspire to for those businesses. Our sites in Wynyard Quarter tend to host the more innovative tech-y companies.

B: And even though you only opened this week, you have some corporate clients based here permanently already? FB: Expedia and Book-a-Bach are our flagship clients. We also have Ngāti Paoa, Symantech, Blue Sky Recruitment, and a number of clients who’ve moved across from our Northern Steamship site.

B: Who do you see as being interested in taking a permanent office or co-working space here? FB: A lot of our tenants will come from existing serviced office backgrounds or off standard leases after they’ve discovered that we exist. We try to make sure our mix is really diverse so it doesn’t get too stuffy one way or another.

B: You work here – so what are the bits you love best? FB: The view! Every office has a cool cityscape or a view of the sea. We have a lot of meeting room and event spaces, and plenty of boardrooms and executive spaces. The bars and cafes are a great place for the community to come together, and mean our members can bring their clients to them and are not have to go offsite all the time. And clients enjoy coming here.

B: Do you have plans to run events like at the other sites? FB: Yes, we will run regular members’ night for our membership community across all our different sites. And we’ll also have a range of Speaker Series events coming through, and various events involving food and beverages.